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Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats on Winter Boots Boots
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Yaktrax Pro
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If your problem is solely walking safely on ice and packed snow, Yaktrax Walk or Yaktrax Pro may be an acceptable solution. However, there are some issues to consider when buying either Yaktrax for business and industrial applications. It's a matter of choosing the right tool for the job. Read this page because I want to help you find the right tool.

Yaktrax Limitations in Some Business and Industrial Applications

  • You absolutely must remove Yaktrax before going indoors. That's because Yaktrax are extremely slippery on smooth dry surfaces. No matter how often you remind them, many employees will not remove Yaktrax every time they go in and out of the plant. The more frequently an employee goes in, and out of the plant the less likely they are to use their Yaktrax.
  • Yaktrax are only good for traction on ice and packed snow. They give you no protection against other slippery surfaces and in fact, may make many situations worse. Furthermore, ice traction devices that use wound steel coils become less effective as temperatures drop and ice becomes denser and not effective on black ice.
  • Because the coils are stainless steel, you cannot use Yaktrax in an environment where conductivity or sparking is an issue. But this is academic since you should never wear Yaktrax indoors.
  • If you are planning to use them for delivery people who make frequent deliveries on urban areas, utility hole covers and sewer grates are an issue with Yaktrax because they're usually not frozen over. Therefore you have a smooth surface, and the coils on the Yaktrax become very slippery. Furthermore, sewer grates are often just below the curb when you take a step. If your employees where Yaktrax they will constantly need to be aware of where they're stepping.
  • Yaktrax are not as durable as some alternative ice traction devices especially if you walk on sharp surfaces that can cut the rubber straps. Rough surfaces can also prematurely abrade the stainless steel coils. Durability becomes an issue if you live in an area pummeled with snow and ice almost every day in the winter.
  • Yaktrax coils will quickly pick up small sticks, debris, and mud because designers did not design Yaktrax for people to use in those situations. Yaktrax are designed for light to medium-light duty on paved surfaces.
  • Some people tend to wear out Yaktrax much faster than others. It's not to say they're doing anything wrong. It may be something in the way they take a step that leads to the premature failure of the straps or coils. Mine seem to last forever.
  • I do not recommend that people drive while wearing Yaktrax. Therefore, people who do get in and out of their vehicles frequently tend not to remove them or not use them at all.
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Finding the Best Ice Cleats for Your Business

Read my Ice Cleats Buyer's Guide to find the best ice tractions devices for your business that

  • provide traction in deep snow, black ice, and slush as well as ice and packed snow;
  • can be worn indoors;
  • can be worn while driving;
  • improve traction on a variety of slippery surfaces like oil and grease, wet floors, chemicals and animal fats in addition to ice and give your crew year-round protection against slips and falls.
  • are Non-Conductive and Non-Sparking;
  • not extremely slippery on smooth surfaces like sewer grates or manhole covers; and
  • lastly, are extremely durable.
Yaktrax Walk sizes run small. If your shoe size is at the top of a size range shown below, you may be better off getting the next larger size, especially if you plan to wear them over heavy boots or shoes. If you can't decide, choose the bigger size.
Yaktrax Walk Size Chart
Yaktrax Walk are Unisex and fit the following men's and women's shoe sizes.
Size Men's Women's Grade School Kid's
XL* n/a n/a n/a
*XL is not available in the Yaktrax Walk. Click here to find the Yaktrax Pro.
L 11.5 - 13.5 13 - 15 n/a
M 9 - 11 10.5 - 12.5 n/a
S 5 - 8.5 6.5 - 10 5 - 8.5
XS 1 - 4.5 2.5 - 6 1 - 4.5

Yaktrax Walk Colors

Get different colors so you can easily tell them apart when there's more than one Yaktrax user in your home.

Consider Glow Green if you'll be using Yaktrax at night. You'll be safer because they glow in the dark for improved visibility. The Glow will also help you find them if you drop one.

Contact Me at 1-610-670-2549 or by e-Mail for Quotes on Large Corporate Orders
Yaktrax Pro sizes run small. If your shoe size is at the top of a size range shown below, you may be better off getting the next larger size, especially if you plan to wear them over heavy boots or shoes. If you can't decide, choose the bigger size.
Yaktrax Pro Size Chart
Yaktrax Pro are Unisex and fit the following men's and women's shoe sizes.
Size Men's Women's
XL 14+ 15.5+
L 11.5 - 13.5 13 - 15
M 9 - 11 10.5 - 12.5
S 5 - 8.5 6.5 - 10

Yaktrax Size Exchanges

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