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ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats Are Best for the Harshest Conditions

Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats JD4472
$52.95 /pr.
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® on Boots
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Side View
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Front View
ICEGRIPS® Spikes and Treads
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® 6612 Back
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Top Velcro Strap
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Defined Heel
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Angle


ICEGRIPS® Sizing Chart
Men's Women's Footwear Length in Inches Size
13½ + --- 13.75" to 14.25" XXL
11½ - 13 --- 13.25" to 13.5" XL
9½ - 11 11.5+ 12.5" to 13" L
7 - 9 9 - 11 11.75" to 12.25" M
5 - 6½ 7 - 8½ <= 11.5" S
ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats
Includes Standard Straps
$52.95 /pr.

ICEGRIPS® Bulky Boot Straps
$10.95 /pr.
Straps are Size Specific
ICEGRIPS® Replacement Straps
$10.95 /pr.
Straps are Size Specific

ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats Overview

Video Shows Why ICEGRIPS® Are the Most Durable Ice Cleats
  • ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats have 22 aggressive and durable tungsten carbide studs molded into an ultra-tough sandal material give instantaneous and reliable traction on ice.
  • The patented Angle Tread™ gives you excellent traction in deep snow and prevents build-up on the bottom that could prevent the studs from making contact with the ice.
  • Heavy-duty, industrial quality straps keep your ICEGRIPS®® securely in place on your footwear.
  • ICEGRIPS® fit on all types of footwear sizes S-XXL. A “Bulky Boot” strap kit allows you to use ICEGRIPS® on oversized, insulated pack boots.
  • You're safer when you're climbing because ICEGRIPS® has an Defined ½ Inch Heel.
  • Your ICEGRIPS® give you an even longer service life because the straps are replaceable.

People Who Use ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats

  • Ice Fishing
  • Use on Fishing Hip Boots and Waders
  • Anyone whose job or recreational activities take them outdoors in winter in harsh conditions.
  • Anyone who walks on rough surfaces that quickly destroy ordinary ice cleats.

Slick Winter Surfaces Where ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats Are Effective

Slippery Condition: Excellent Good N/A
Ice X    
Snow and Slush X    
Black Ice X    
Mud   X  
Safe for Driving     X
Use Indoors     X

Helpful Questions About ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats

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ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats Sizing Advice

Here's my recommended approach to choosing the correct size.

  • First, find the ICEGRIPS® size that corresponds to your shoe or boot size.
  • Second, measure the length of your footwear in inches and add ¼ inch. Then compare that length to the "Footwear Length in Inches" column in the size chart corresponding to the size you found in the first step.
    • If the length exceeds that size range, even by as little as ¼, select the next larger size.
    • If the length falls below that size range, again, even by as little as ¼, select the next smaller size.


What if the measurement I get in the second step above is more than 14.25"?
I would not buy ICEGRIPS®.
Will ICEGRIPS® fit large, bulky boots?
Yes. A "Bulky Boot" Strap Kit is available at an additional cost.

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The last thing I want is for you to be disappointed in your purchase or feel that I mislead you or treated you unfairly. So, in the unlikely event you're not totally satisfied with your ice cleats or shoe traction devices purchased from me, I'll refund your money and pay for the return freight. Call me at 610-670-2549.

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