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Ice Cleats That Keep Ice Fishermen Safe on and off the Ice

Is ice fishing dangerous? Yes! Is ice fishing worth the risks? Yes, if you do it safely. And one of the most crucial safety considerations is avoiding injuring yourself falling on ice and snow by wearing ice fishing cleats.

Even the best ice fishing cleats can’t guarantee you won’t slip and injure yourself. However, nothing minimizes the risk of slip and fall-related winter injuries better than heavy-duty, professionally-designed ice cleats.

Ice Fishing Cleats must give you excellent traction on all slick winter surfaces, including ice, black ice, snow, packed snow, and even mud, depending on conditions.

The Winter Walking Ice Cleats I recommend do just that. Furthermore, these ice cleats are unmatched for keeping you the safest both on the lake ice and on the path, often treacherous and inclined, between your vehicle and the lake. Here’s why.

Walleye caught while ice fishing.
That's one beautiful walleye, isn't it?
Yes... Ice Fishing is worth it!

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Best Sandal Ice Fishing Cleats

Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats JD4472

Choose ICEGRIPS® if you
  • want excellent traction on ice, snow, packed snow, black ice, and good traction in mud;
  • want the most durable ice cleats that stand up to harsh off-road conditions;
  • plan to put them on your boots and leave them on for extensive periods of time;
  • need ice cleats safe to wear while climbing (ICEGRIPS® have a ½ inch exposed, defined heel);
  • require industrial-grade straps on your shoes and boots to keep your ice cleats aligned and securely on your footwear (ICEGRIPS® won't get sucked off your footwear in deep snow and in mud);
  • fit large, bulky boots (requires an optional Bulky Boot Strap Kit); and
  • want ice cleats with replaceable straps that extend their useful life.
$52.95 /pr.
ICEGRIPS Ice Fishing Cleats
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® on Boots
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Side View
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Front View
ICEGRIPS® Spikes and Treads
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® 6612 Back
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Top Velcro Strap
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Defined Heel
Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Angle
ICEGRIPS® Sizing Chart
Men's Women's Footwear Length in Inches Size
13½ + --- 13.75" to 14.25" XXL
11½ - 13 --- 13.25" to 13.5" XL
9½ - 11 11.5+ 12.5" to 13" L
7 - 9 9 - 11 11.75" to 12.25" M
5 - 6½ 7 - 8½ <= 11.5" S
ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats
Includes Standard Straps
$52.95 /pr.

ICEGRIPS® Bulky Boot Straps
$10.95 /pr.
Straps are Size Specific

Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats Features

Winter Walking ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats Demo
  • ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats have 22 aggressive and durable tungsten carbide studs molded into an ultra-tough sandal material give instantaneous and reliable traction on ice.
  • The patented Angle Tread™ gives you excellent traction in deep snow and prevents build-up on the bottom that could prevent the studs from making contact with the ice.
  • Heavy-duty, industrial quality straps keep your ICEGRIPS® securely in place on your footwear.
  • ICEGRIPS® fit on all your footwear. A “Bulky Boot” strap kit allows you to use ICEGRIPS® on oversized, insulated pack boots.
  • You're safer when you're climbing because ICEGRIPS® have a Defined ½ Inch Heel.
  • Your ICEGRIPS® give you an even longer service life because the straps are replaceable.

Best Pull-Over Ice Fishing Cleats

Winter Walking ICE BEAST™ HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats

ICE BEAST™ HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats are my top recommendation for people who:
  • have large bulky boots;
  • have unusual shaped footwear;
  • require access to a fully defined heel;
  • have balance issues; and
  • are not frequently going in and out of doors. (If you do frequently transition between indoors and outdoors, see Winter Walking ICE BEAST™ LOW-PRO Ice Cleats.)
$56.97 /pr.
ICE BEAST™ Ice Fishing Cleats
ICE BEAST™ HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats Closeup
ICE BEAST™ HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats Dual Pull Tabs
ICE BEAST™ HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats Aggressive Spikes and Treads
Men's Women's Size
14+ --- XXL
12 - 13½ --- XL
10 - 11½ 12+ L
7½ - 9½ 9½ - 11½ M
5 - 7 7 - 9 S
Ice Cleats JD7725
$56.97 /pr.


Ice Cleats Demo Video
  • Twenty eight well-distributed 2mm Tungsten Carbide Studs 
    • provide excellent traction on ice, black ice, and hard packed snow;
    • are more studs than on any other stretch traction device; and
    • are molded in for greater retention, safety, and durability.
  • Tungsten Carbide Studs last far longer and stay sharper than the carbon steel spikes found in most competing ice cleats.
  • Patented Heel Spike allows walking naturally without using any new, special skills.
  • Studs are designed to stay uniformly sharp throughout their useful life giving you consistent traction and safety.
  • Permanent studs are more comfortable and secure than replaceable studs.
  • 1-Piece Molded Proprietary Synthetic Compound Straps 
    • are extremely durable;
    • resistant to chemicals and other contaminants;
    • have no memory and never stretch out of shape;
    • stay flexible at low temperatures; and
    • have a unique characteristic that grips the surface of your footwear to prevent it from slipping out of alignment.
  • Sole/Heel (colored) material is a harder material than the upper stretch portion. Therefore. the heel and sole have greater abrasion resistance and durability while upper has greater stretch.
  • The Dimpled Foot Bed grabs the bottom of your shoe or boot to prevent the device from sliding out of place.
  • The Aggressive Tread Pattern is self-cleaning and provides traction in snow, slush, and mud.
  • Versatile because ICE BEAST™ HIGH-PRO
    • fits over all types of shoes and boots;
    • provides traction in all slippery winter conditions; and
    • is safe to wear while driving.
  • Patented Open Design 
    • stays securely on footwear, and
    • is lightweight & compact.
  • Bright Blue Color facilitates compliance monitoring.
  • Sizes: JD7725-S Small, JD7725-M Medium, JD7725-L Large, JD-7725-XL Extra Large, JD7725-XXL Extra Extra Large
  • Model: JD7725
  • Made in Taiwan

Crucial Considerations When Choosing Ice Cleats for Ice Fishing

Why the Recommended Ice Cleats for Ice Fishing Give You Excellent Traction on Ice

ICEGRIPS Ice Cleats Aggressive Molded-In 2mm Tungsten Carbide Stud
  • 22 aggressive, well-distributed, durable 2mm molded-in tungsten carbide studs provide traction on ice and black ice. Tungsten carbide is several times harder, more durable, and reliable than the carbon steel or stainless steel spikes or coils found in most competing ice fishing cleats. You want each spike to be there and in top condition when you need it.
  • Well-distributed spikes are crucial, especially on rough ice, because you want at least one spike to contact the ice at all times.
  • The key to traction on ice is penetration. Therefore the aggressiveness is critical. Compare the ICEGRIPS spike design to competing products that use hexagonal steel screws, which quickly wear down, or spike designs with more surface area. Which stud design does common sense tell you is better?

    Also, visualize a spike penetrating the ice to driving a nail into a piece of wood. A soft, dull nail may work fine nailing in pine but will be useless nailing into oak. The principle applies to ice cleats studs.

    Ice cleats that may work well under normal conditions on overall level surfaces may fail you in frigid temperatures when ice is denser or walking uphill and downhill.

    Reduced performance under these conditions is an even bigger problem for ice cleats that use wound steel coils.
  • Molded-in spikes are the most reliable and far more reliable than replaceable spikes. Losing replaceable studs, and especially screws, happens more frequently after repeated replacements. (Note: if losing screws is your only reason for looking for new ice fishing cleats, you could try using a product like Locktite.)

Rough ice, as shown in the picture, separates professionally designed ice fishing cleats from recreational ice cleats. Your ice cleats should have studs in the middle of the sole, not just around the edges.

Imagine stepping on a raised area where you don't have studs. Your foot can rapidly slide. As you already know, once you lose traction it's very difficult to get it back. Just ask any NASCAR driver about regaining traction.

Now let's assume you somehow step on a raised area of the ice, you do have well-distributed studs, but you somehow miss them all. Now you are counting on the next available stud to stop your skid. First, that stud better be there. Second, that stud had better be a very aggressive stud.

Ice Cleats Must Stay Securely On and Aligned

Ice cleats won’t keep you safe if they don’t stay securely on and correctly positioned on your boots. An important consideration is that the ice cleats manufacturer designs the cleats for use on the large oversized PAC boots most ice fisherman wear. Sandal-style strap-on ice cleats are hands down the best way to fit and reliably stay on any boot, especially giant boots.

ICEGRIPS use strong industrial-quality straps. Once they’re on your boots, especially utilizing the Ankle Strap configuration, ICEGRIPS become part of your boot. ICEGRIPS aren’t going anywhere, no matter what you’re pushing or pulling.

Ice Fishing Cleats Must Provide Traction in Snow and Be Self-Cleaning

Obviously, traction on ice is not the only consideration for ice fisherman. You know you need traction on deep and packed snow as well. ICEGRIPS has an exclusive, patented, and self-cleaning Angle Tread design that gives you traction in snow.

The design also expels snow and other debris that builds-up on the bottom as you walk. It works the same as an ice cube tray expelling the ice cubes when you twist it. Self-cleaning treads are critical because the studs won’t do you any good if they can’t contact the ice.

Ice Fishermen Need Ice Cleats That Hold up in the Harshest Winter Conditions

Using recreational grade ice cleats in harsh, off-road winter conditions chews up the straps and other vital components quickly. And, it’s just not a replacement cost consideration.

It’s best to have the most reliable ice cleats available because you know unexpected failures happen when your farthest away from your car or truck. And, it’s a long, hazardous walk back to the parking area with only one functional ice cleat.

When you wear ICEGRIPS, only the industrial-strength sandal makes contact with the ground. Therefore, you avoid all the sharp objects that cut straps and cause chains to fail. Could a problem occur with ICEGRIPS? Yes, of course! But you’re least likely to encounter a severe failure wearing ICEGRIPS than any other ice fishing cleats.

As the picture shows, many of the best places to go ice fishing are where other people aren't fishing. Often it's a long, treacherous trek from and back to your car or truck. So, you really need ice fishing cleats to be safe and dependable because there's nobody to help you, and getting help can take a long time. This is no place for a broken strap or a missing stud.

Any ice cleat can fail. However, by getting heavy-duty, industrial-quality ICEGRIPS, which I consider to be the best ice fishing cleats, you minimize your risk. Avoiding ice fishing related injuries are always crucial. But, with COVID-19, you just want to do everything possible to avoid to going to the hospital.

Ice Fishing Cleats Safe for Climbing to Unload Your Fishing Gear

ICEGRIPS Ice Cleats Defined Heel
ICEGRIPS® have a ½ inch defined heel that makes climbing safer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Fishing Cleats

Are more studs always better?
Not always. There's one ice cleat recommended for ice fishing that has 46 dogtooth shaped spikes. The problem is that if you have too many spikes you get the "bed of nails trick" effect. Your weight gets distributed over too many points of contact preventing the spikes from penetrating the ice. This principal becomes a bigger problem in frigid temperatures when ice is denser.
Why do recreational grade ice fishing cleats get good reviews?
Almost any ice cleat is better that a non-studded boot. Therefore, almost any ice cleats seem fantastic until you've experienced industrial-grade ice cleats. You can feel the difference in quality the second you get them out of the box.
What about ice fishing boots with built-in spikes?
It depends on the brand and model of the studded boots. Look for well-distributed tungsten carbide studs. Many studded boots have carbide steel studs that wear out several times faster than tungsten carbide. One of the problems I personally have with studded boots is that the studs, regardless of the material, wear out faster than a high-quality pair of boots. You can't remove the studs when you don't need them. Walking on bare ground is obviously when the studs wear down the fastest. Lastly, studded ice fishing boots are expensive.
Do you still have Questions?
Call me at 610-670-2549.

ICEGRIPS® Ice Cleats Sizing Advice

Here's my recommended approach to choosing the correct size.

  • First, find the ICEGRIPS® size that corresponds to your shoe or boot size.
  • Second, measure the length of your footwear in inches and add ¼ inch. Then compare that length to the "Footwear Length in Inches" column in the size chart corresponding to the size you found in the first step.
    • If the length exceeds that size range, even by as little as ¼, select the next larger size.
    • If the length falls below that size range, again, even by as little as ¼, select the next smaller size.


What if the measurement I get in the second step above is more than 14.25"?
I would not buy ICEGRIPS®.
Will ICEGRIPS® fit large, bulky boots?
Yes. A "Bulky Boot" Strap Kit is available at an additional cost.

Ice Cleats and Shoe Attachment Volume Discounts

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Ice Cleats Volume Discounts

Winter Walking Ice Cleats Low Price Guaranty

No one is more dedicated to helping you find the best Ice Cleats and keeping you safe. I work very hard to bring you the most informative online store that's fast, easy-to-use, and mobile friendly. I don't want to lose a single sale based upon price alone.

Therefore, if you find a lower DELIVERED PRICE from a legitimate online store (not auction sites) selling authentic, new Winter Walking Ice Cleats, I'll match or better that price.

Crucial Ice Cleats Sizing Advice

  1. You can go by the shoe sizes. However, the actual size of the shoe or boot can vary significantly for the same foot size. So option two below is a better way to select the correct size.
  2. Measure the length of your shoe or boot. Measure the bottom from the tip of the sole to the base of the heel. Measure on "the flat", don't wrap around. We want the length. Then find the size on the sizing chart with the Footwear Length Range that spans the length of your footwear. Measure carefully. Measure twice. Our goal is to get you the right size on the first try to make you as safe as possible as soon as possible.
Ice cleats sizes are unisex and fit men's and women's shoes and boots according to the sizing charts.
Always try your ice cleats on as soon as you receive them for two reasons.
  1. You want to be ready for the bad weather. Don't wait until the ice is on the ground to find out you need a size exchange.
  2. I can't do free size exchanges for ice cleats that have been used because I can't resell them.

What should I do if the length of my shoe or boot is extremely close to the breakpoint of a size range? Should I choose the next larger size? For example, assume the length of your boot or shoe is just under 12½". You look at the specific size chart for ice cleats you're buying. Assume for this example the Medium has size range of 11½" to < 12½" and a Large is 12½" to < 13". For regular shoes and work shoes, stick with the smaller of the two sizes you're considering. If you're planning to use your ice cleats on heavier winter boots, choose the bigger size.

I'm planning to use the ice cleats on both my shoes and boots. But they're different lengths. What should I do?

If the difference in length is small, order the size for the larger boots. Purchase the optional Ankle Strap to use when you use the ice cleats on your shoes. The ankle strap will make sure they stay on. If the difference in length is significant, you may need two sizes of ice cleats. That's because you want the ice cleats to be snug, so they not only stay on your footwear but also stay aligned.

I have a large company. There's no way I can measure everyone's footwear.

I understand. Go by shoe sizes. I'll be happy to exchange sizes later on. However, please make sure you haven't used the ice cleats outdoors.

Is the measuring technique 100% accurate?

Nope. It's accurate most of the time. Measuring is far superior to go by shoe size.

What Free Ice Cleats Size Exchanges Means

No store works harder than we do to get ice cleats sizing right on the first try. If you measure your footwear as I advise you to do in my Sizing Tips, Size Exchanges are rare. However, when Size Exchanges are necessary

This policy is consistent with and exceeds competing stores Free Exchanges policies. If you have questions, please call me at 610-670-2549.

The last thing I want is for you to be disappointed in your purchase or feel that I mislead you or treated you unfairly. So, in the unlikely event you're not totally satisfied with your ice cleats or shoe traction devices purchased from me, I'll refund your money and pay for the return freight. Call me at 610-670-2549.

My satisfaction guarantee is unconditional. However, I'll ask you why you're not satisfied because I want to know if

You Won't Find a Better, Safer Place to Buy Ice Cleats!

Here's why buying ice cleats from us gives you peace of mind.

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