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Hundreds of thousands of people use and swear by Yaktrax. I was one of those people for years. Yaktrax do keep you a lot safer. However, you have to be aware of their limitations. I now think the top of the line studded ice cleats are a better alternative. Here's why.

Aggressiveness to the Stud

Sharp studs penetrate and grip hold of ice better than non-aggressive studs. Studs providing better grip is especially true in frigid temperatures when ice is denser. The coils used in the Yaktrax SkidLock system are non-aggressive and partially compensates for being non-aggressive by having a lot of edges. But it takes 10's of non-aggressive edges on coils to equal the traction of just one tungsten carbide stud.

Distribution of the Studs

The Yaktrax criss-cross design do cover a significant area of the shoe and are much better than many studded ice cleats that either has very few studs or studs that are not well distributed. The flexibility of Yaktrax may offer some advantages of rough, uneven ice in some circumstances again particularly true when comparing poorly designed studded ice cleats. When you step on uneven ice and either the coil or stud does not make contact with the ice, it's difficult to regain traction. However, the probability of regaining traction is directly related to the aggressiveness of the first stud(s) that make contact with the ice. In my opinion, a well-designed studded ice cleat with well distributed aggressive studs offers far better protection.

Number of Points of Contact

In terms of the sheer number of points of contact Yaktrax are the clear winner. But it's not that simple because, as previously stated, it takes 10s on non-aggressive points of contact to equal one aggressive point of contact. Too many points of contact results in the "bed of nails effect" whereby your weight is distributed over so many points of contact none of then actually penetrate the ice. Even though Yaktrax uses steel coils and appear and feel smooth, there is still some micro penetration. Penetration in some form or another is what grips the ice. Penetration again becomes a problem on harder, dense ice in frigid temperatures. So there is a sweet spot in determining the ideal number of studs concerning penetrating the ice in all conditions.

Effectiveness in Different Slippery Conditions

Yaktrax provide traction on ice and packed snow. They are not effective in deep snow, slush, or black ice. Well-designed studded ice cleats with aggressive treads are effective in all wintry slippery conditions.

Ability to Walk on Interior Floors Without Damaging Them

Yaktrax will not damage most floors. But it's a moot point because Yaktrax steel coils are extremely slippery on smooth floors. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST REMOVE YAKTRAX BEFORE WALKING ON THESE FLOORS! Yaktrax are also very slippery on non-snow covered metal surfaces like sewer grates and utility hole covers, granite and marble. Being slippery on those surfaces is particularly important to know if you live or work in the city because you have to watch what your stepping on when you step off the curb. You should remove them before entering most mass transportation because of steel steps or the tile floors found in most stations and terminals.

Low-Pro Transitional TractionYou must remove most studded ice cleats before going indoors either because they'll damage the floors or because they're slippery on hard, smooth surfaces. There are two exceptions that I'm aware of... Winter Walking LOW-PRO® Ice Cleats and ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LOW PROFILE. Of those, I would recommend the LOW-PRO. Opt for the ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LOW PROFILE if you need size XS. Both have a patented feature called "Transitional Traction". 1mm tungsten carbide studs protrude minimally beyond the tread so that both the tread and studs make contact with the surface. Having both the tread and the stud contact the floor prevents damage to commercial floors found in supermarkets, post offices, etc., and also provides traction for the user. You would not use these on finished wood floors.


In general, studs last several times longer than steel coils. Tungsten carbide studs last several; times longer than carbon steel studs. The life of an ice cleat is directly affected by the amount of non-ice or snow-covered pavement you walk on.

Yaktrax Walk Size Chart and Sizing Guide

Yaktrax Walk sizes run small. If your shoe size is at the top of a size range shown below, you may be better off getting the next larger size especially if you plan to wear them over heavy boots or shoes. If you can't decide, choose the bigger size.
Yaktrax Walk Sizing Chart
Yaktrax Walk are Unisex and fit the following men's and women's shoe sizes.
Size Men's Women's Grade School Kid's
XL* n/a n/a n/a
*XL is not available in the Yaktrax Walk. Click here to find the Yaktrax Pro.
L 11.5 - 13.5 13 - 15 n/a
M 9 - 11 10.5 - 12.5 n/a
S 5 - 8.5 6.5 - 10 5 - 8.5
XS 1 - 4.5 2.5 - 6 1 - 4.5
Contact Me at 1-610-670-2549 or by e-Mail for Quotes on Large Corporate Orders
Yaktrax Walk Colors

Get different colors so you can easily tell them apart when there's more than one Yaktrax user in your home.

Consider Glow Green if you'll be using Yaktrax at night. You'll be safer because they glow in the dark for improved visibility. The Glow will also help you find them if you drop one.

Contact Me at 1-610-670-2549 or by e-Mail for Quotes on Large Corporate Orders
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