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  • "Great!  This is the only way to describe your product.  My husband and I received Yaktrax as gifts last year while visiting my son in Idaho.  Now it's hard to conceive walking in snow and ice without them, especially since we are in our seventies."  Dorothy  Greenville, NC
  • "My wife and mother have limited mobility and your product has given them both vastly increased confidence and safety during our sometimes extreme Indiana winters.  This is a simple and effective product that should have been invented a long time ago."   Damon  Bluffton,  IN 
  •  "I walk my two large dogs for miles everyday.  They tug and pull, and I broke a few bones on icy sidewalks before I found Yaktrax.  This is my third winter with my Yaktrax, and I wouldn't walk without them on ice or snow.  I don't notice them while they are on, and I have never even slipped an inch, no matter how hard my dogs pull!  There is no wear on them at all, even though I have walked hundreds of miles in them!  Thank you!"    Deb  Pittsburgh,  PA
  • Yaktrax makes walking on icy stairs easy and safe image Yaktrax…the Eighth Wonder of the World! Seriously, Yaktrax should be used by every person who lives with snow and ice! Years ago I purchased a converted lake house with 29 steps. After a number of falls over a number of years I was getting pretty frustrated. I learned about Yaktrax by accident about four years ago, And since that time I have not had one "accident" on the ice! I have given these to so many of my friends and family members. With Yaktrax, you can walk or jog in the winter, tap dance on a frozen lake, or zoom up and down 29 icy steps with no fear! I also love giving them to my guests when they come to visit me. I’m no spring chicken...but I’m confident I won’t break anything over the winter! Christine M., New Milford, CT 2/15/2010
  • "I am a city mail carrier in Northern Idaho and just received the Yaktrax Pro three days ago in the middle of two days of heavy snowfall, with melting conditions during the day and refreezing at night.  Before putting them on, I was slipping and sliding.  After stretching them over my boots, I could stride out normally on the snow and ice instead of having to walk gingerly and carefully.  They weigh nothing, unlike the heavy studded "sandal" type ice wear that straps on over shoes.  I am certain they saved me 15-30 minutes of time over the course of the day because I did not have to crab carefully along.  I have also purchased a pair for a friend who loves to power walk and jog daily in central Oregon Cascades (lots of ice and snow) and I am spreading the word to others.  Thanks for a great product!"  Karen  Athol, Idaho
  • "Yaktrax have changed my life this winter.  I had hip surgery (at age 61) a year ago and my greatest fear was falling on the ice during the winter.  I found your Yaktrax in a catalog and have been comfortable ever since.  I now am able to get to my car down a large hill where my garage is located.  I also am able to walk to town if I need to.  Keep up the good work and make them safer and safer for us!"   Sydney  Woodstock, Vermont
  • "I used your product today after a major ice storm in Wichita, Kansas.  In all of the year I have carried mail, I have tried a number of different things and items to keep from slipping on the ice.  They either weighed too much to walk in all day or they did not work.  I spent over six hours walking in your product today and at the end of it, my legs and feet felt fine.  The best thing was I DID NOT SLIP ONCE DURING THE ENTIRE DAY!  That was walking up and down ice-covered porches and frozen and uneven ground.  Thanks for producing a quality product!"     Mike, USPS Worker,  Wichita, Kansas
  • "I absolutely love the product.  They are the best things to happen for Northern Idaho people.  Three friends and my 83 year old mother have all bought them and are very satisfied.  The stability, lightness and easy removal are a big plus!"    
    Leanne  Troy, Idaho
  • "I walk every morning at 5AM!  Yaktrax are wonderful and I know I would not be able to walk in the winter without them.  My friend and I that walk together live 20 miles from the nearest town on a gravel road, in the snow belt and we are both in our late 50's.  They are absolutely the best!"    Jan  Spokane, Washington
  • "What a great device!  I had to try them out today and did walk/jog along the footpath of a lake in one of the local towns.  I got some funny looks, but only because I was moving so quickly and sure-footed when everyone else was slipping away!  Believe me, I am a general surgeon, and have spent enough time assisting my orthopedic colleagues on numerous hip, elbow and wrist fractures."  Carl, MD   Melrose, Massachusetts
  • "I love this product!  I have been training for a half-marathon over the past month and I am truly amazed at how well my Yaktrax have worked.  Before I picked up a pair of Yaktrax, I was slipping and sliding all over the place (including into traffic - yikes!).  Since purchasing a pair and putting them on I haven't slipped once!  These are a great investment and I would recommend them to anyone walking or running in the winter months."  Andrew  Toronto, Canada
  • "When I was preparing for competing in the Olympics ('92 and '96) living in So Cal and in Georgia, I never, had to be concerned about ice.  As a race walker, good footing is not an options, it's a must.  I now work at Niagara Falls State Park, the nation's oldest state park and also one of the world's biggest ice makers.  The mist from the falls can add up to one foot of ice per night given the right conditions.  Not competing seriously anymore, I still try to keep in shape by using my lunch hour for a good hard walk.  After spending my first year carefully negotiating the icy conditions, I came across the Yaktrax.  Not one to endure the drone of a treadmill, I have no excuses this year, the Yaktrax give me all the footing I could ever ask for.  Now, if I could only do something about the sub-zero wind chills." 
    Allen James, '92 and '96 U.S. Olympian, 20K & 50K Race Walk, Sanborn, New York
  • "Day before yesterday I climbed Mount San Antonio (Mt. Baldy), the highest peak in the San Gabriel Range north of Los Angeles.  I overextended and found myself on the summit (10,480 ft.) under severe winter conditions.  Snow, ice and wind gusts 45-50 mph.  Alone at the summit, I also realized heavy cloud cover would accelerate sunset and leave me now with at least two hours descent to the nearest shelter in  failing light and fog.  The Devil's Backbone trail was snow covered, all tracks erased by the wind, which also glazed the hardened snow to a sheer crust of ice.  I lost the trail and found myself on a steep, icy slope, facing an incline of at least 25 degrees, where one false step would send me plunging hundreds of feet into rocks and trees.  In my pack, I had placed a pair of Yaktrax, never before used.  I sat on the steep ice and put on the Yaktrax.  They fit over my mountaineer boots securely.  When I stood, the difference was immediate.  I had the confidence of stability and surefootedness.  As I plunged through the ice crust and drifted snow, I expected the Yaktrax to come off and be worthless, but they stayed put.  I went from fear and anxiety to determination and confidence in about as many steps as it took me to realize your product would make all the difference between getting home safely or getting trapped on a hostile mountainside.  Thanks.  I will never climb without Yaktrax."  John   Van Nuys,  CA  (Note:  Yaktrax were not designed to be used as a mountaineering device, but certainly made a difference in this case.)

    Note: I'm glad the Yaktrax worked out for John in his situation. But I don't recommend Yaktrax in such extreme conditions.
  • Just had to say thanks. You have the best price, AND no shipping cost on your YakTrax Walkers. I received the pair I ordered from you today, and they're perfect. They are a gift for a friend, who absolutely fell in love with a pair that I received as a gift for Christmas. She's beside herself with happiness, because she has balance problems and these aid in her stability a great deal. Mine are black and hers are yellow (clear?), so we can tell them apart. Again, thanks for a great price and prompt service. I'll pass the word to all my friends!
    Susan K. Kalamazoo, MI 1/6/09

Yaktrax Walk Size Chart and Sizing Guide

Yaktrax Walk sizes run small. If your shoe size is at the top of a size range shown below, you may be better off getting the next larger size especially if you plan to wear them over heavy boots or shoes. If you can't decide, choose the bigger size.
Yaktrax Walk Sizing Chart
Yaktrax Walk are Unisex and fit the following men's and women's shoe sizes.
Size Men's Women's Grade School Kid's
XL* n/a n/a n/a
*XL is not available in the Yaktrax Walk. Click here to find the Yaktrax Pro.
L 11.5 - 13.5 13 - 15 n/a
M 9 - 11 10.5 - 12.5 n/a
S 5 - 8.5 6.5 - 10 5 - 8.5
XS 1 - 4.5 2.5 - 6 1 - 4.5
Contact Me at 1-610-670-2549 or by e-Mail for Quotes on Large Corporate Orders
Yaktrax Walk Colors

Get different colors so you can easily tell them apart when there's more than one Yaktrax user in your home.

Consider Glow Green if you'll be using Yaktrax at night. You'll be safer because they glow in the dark for improved visibility. The Glow will also help you find them if you drop one.

Contact Me at 1-610-670-2549 or by e-Mail for Quotes on Large Corporate Orders
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