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ALTRAGRIPS-LITE Ice Cleats on Winter Boots
ALTRAGRIPS-LITE Ice Cleats Front Straps
ALTRAGRIPS-LITE Ice Cleats Rear View Showing Dual Pull Tabs
ALTRAGRIPS-LITE Ice Cleats Closeup of Studs
ALTRAGRIPS-LITE Ice Cleats Heal Spike
ALTRAGRIPS-LITE Ice Cleats on Dress Shoe and Sneaker
Aggregate Product Rating:
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13 Reviews

Fits Shoe Sizes
Based of Steel Tip Shoes
Men's Women's Footwear Length Range
in Inches*
15+ --- 14½" - 15½" XXL
13 - 14½ --- 14" ‹ 14½" XL
10 - 12½ 12+ 13¼" ‹ 14" L
8 - 9½ 10 - 11½ 12½" ‹ 13¼" M
5 - 7½ 7 - 9½ 10¾" ‹ 12½" S
--- 4½ - 6½ 10" ‹ 10¾" XS
*Measured on the bottom of your shoe or boot from the tip of the sole to the base of the heel.
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LOW-PROFILE Ice Cleats JD3615
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  • AltraGrips-Lite LP ( Low Profile ) Ice Cleats are ultra-convenient because you simply put them on and leave them on your footwear.
  • Transitional Traction enables you to safely wear them indoors without damaging most floors.
  • They're safe to wear while driving.
  • ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LOW PROFILE provide traction on all winter slippery surfaces including ice, packed snow, deep snow, slush, and black ice.
"I bought her these AltraGrips-Lite. We have such terrible snow and ice here, and my mother stopped going for walks. We tried other pull-ons, but they made her trip, or got all twisted up. I have studded snow tires and when I saw these it just made sense. It's been a particularly icy year - but my mom goes out and walks for an hour - and her confidence is sky high. This is a HUGE deal. She never feels like she's going to fall and walks on slick ice with these AltraGrips-Lite. And they are super easy to put on. I cried the first day because her first steps were intrepid, but within 5 minutes she was trucking along... "
Julie M. Aspen, CO 1/19/20

AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats Benefits

  • 16 aggressive, well-positioned, durable 1mm Tungsten Carbide Studs provide excellent traction on ice, packed snow and black ice.
  • Aggressive, self-cleaning treads deliver traction in deep snow, slush and mud.
  • Permanent Studs are more comfortable than replaceable studs.
  • Patented Heel Spike allows walking naturally without using any new, special skills.
  • 1-Piece Molded Proprietary Rubber Compound Straps
    • are extremely durable;
    • are resistant to chemicals and other contaminants;
    • have no memory and never stretches out of shape; and
    • stay flexible at extremely low temperatures.
  • Easy On / Easy Off because
    • patented Dual Pull Tabs make it easier to grab hold of the ice cleats while stretching them over your shoes and boots;
    • patented Dual Density Construction makes it easier to stretch; and
    • Uni-Foot Design (No Left... No Right) eliminates the hassle of having to locate the left or right cleat.

AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats Applications

  • Anyone Who Finds It Difficult to Put Ice Cleats On or Off
  • Anyone Who Frequently Goes In and Out of Doors
  • Blind People

Slippery Surfaces Where ALTRAGRIPS-LITE Give You Instant Traction

Slippery Condition: Excellent Good N/A
Ice X    
Snow and Slush   X  
Black Ice X    
Fats   X  
Chemicals   X  
Oil     X
Soaps     X
Water and Other Liquids   X  
Mud Not Recommended
Safe for Driving   X  
Use Indoors   Yes  

Discover How Much People Love Their ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LP

5.00 Best ice cleats I've had.
General Comments: Best ice cleats I've had. Easy off , easy on. Very well made , not flimsy.
Deb S.   Joliet, IL 01/18/20
Ice Cleat Ankle Straps
Winter Walking Ice Cleats fit securely on most shoes and boots. Most people do not need or use the Ankle Strap. However, Ankle Straps add an additional level of comfort, knowing your ice cleats will stay on your footwear. It's more critical to consider Ankle Straps if you

Crucial Ice Cleats Sizing Advice

  1. You can go by the shoe sizes. However, the actual size of the shoe or boot can vary significantly for the same foot size. So option two below is a better way to select the correct size.
  2. Measure the length of your shoe or boot. Measure the bottom from the tip of the sole to the base of the heel. Measure on "the flat", don't wrap around. We want the length. Then find the size on the sizing chart with the Footwear Length Range that spans the length of your footwear. Measure carefully. Measure twice. Our goal is to get you the right size on the first try to make you as safe as possible as soon as possible.
Ice cleats sizes are unisex and fit men's and women's shoes and boots according to the sizing charts.
Always try your ice cleats on as soon as you receive them for two reasons.
  1. You want to be ready for the bad weather. Don't wait until the ice is on the ground to find out you need a size exchange.
  2. I can't do free size exchanges for ice cleats that have been used because I can't resell them.

What should I do if the length of my shoe or boot is extremely close to the breakpoint of a size range? Should I choose the next larger size? For example, assume the length of your boot or shoe is just under 12½". You look at the specific size chart for ice cleats you're buying. Assume for this example the Medium has size range of 11½" to < 12½" and a Large is 12½" to < 13". For regular shoes and work shoes, stick with the smaller of the two sizes you're considering. If you're planning to use your ice cleats on heavier winter boots, choose the bigger size.

I'm planning to use the ice cleats on both my shoes and boots. But they're different lengths. What should I do?

If the difference in length is small, order the size for the larger boots. Purchase the optional Ankle Strap to use when you use the ice cleats on your shoes. The ankle strap will make sure they stay on. If the difference in length is significant, you may need two sizes of ice cleats. That's because you want the ice cleats to be snug, so they not only stay on your footwear but also stay aligned.

I have a large company. There's no way I can measure everyone's footwear.

I understand. Go by shoe sizes. I'll be happy to exchange sizes later on. However, please make sure you haven't used the ice cleats outdoors.

Is the measuring technique 100% accurate?

Nope. It's accurate most of the time. Measuring is far superior to go by shoe size. 

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