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Winter Walking EASY SPIKE™ are Low-Cost Ice Cleats That Give You High-End Traction and Safety!

$25.95 /pr.
EASY SPIKE™ Ice Cleats Sizing Chart
Fits Shoe Sizes
  • EASY SPIKE™ fits over most types of shoes and boots.
  • Sizes are for regular shoes or sneakers.
  • Select the next bigger size to fit over boots.
Men's Women's Size
11½ - 13½ --- XL
9 - 11 11+ L
6½ - 8½ 8½ - 10½ M
< 6 6½ - 8½ S
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Ice Cleats JD350
$25.95 /pr.
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Watch this video to discover why EASY SPIKE™ are low-cost ice cleats with high-quality performance!

Easy Spike™ Ice Cleats Features and Benefits

EASY SPIKE™ ICE CLEATS are an incredible value. Here's why.

EASY SPIKE™ was designed by ice cleats experts with over 35 years of experience. They share critical features found in Winter Walking's Professional Ice Cleats. EASY SPIKE™

  • gives you instant, secure traction on ice, snow, packed-snow, and black ice because of 22 well-positioned, aggressive, stay-sharp, and molded-in 2mm carbon steel studs penetrate the densest ice;
  • has an aggressive tread design for better traction in deep snow;
  • stays securely on and aligned on your footwear for increased safety because the straps are strong, durable, and wide;
  • is easy to put on and take off because they have pull tabs and the straps stay flexible in frigid temperatures;
  • fits most shoes and boots up to a men's 13½ and available in Sizes: Small (JD350-S); Medium (JD350-M); Large (JD350-L); and Extra Large (JD350-XL);
  • adds no noticeable weight to you footwear because they're so lightweight;
  • is with you when you need them because they're compact and foldable so you can carry them in your pocket, backpack, car console, glove compartment, and briefcase; and
  • lastly, keeps you safer at night because they have a reflective heel.

Conditions Where EASY SPIKE™ Ice Cleats Improve Traction

Slippery Condition: Excellent Good N/A
Ice   X  
Snow and Slush   X  
Black Ice   X  
Fats     X
Chemicals     X
Oil     X
Soaps     X
Water and Other Liquids     X
Mud Not Recommended
Safe for Driving     X
Use Indoors   No  


Do Winter Walking EASY SPIKE™ Ice Cleats give me the best possible traction?
EASY SPIKE™ Ice Cleats give you unsurpassed traction in their class. Professional, heavy-duty Winter Walking HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats and Winter Walking ICE BEAST™ HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats give you the very best traction.
Do you recommend EASY SPIKE™ Ice Cleats for people who frequently go in and out of doors?

For most people, no. That's because one of the main reasons people stop wearing ice cleats is, depending on the circumstances, it can be extremely inconvenient and even impractical. That's why you'll often find ice cleats in the junk drawer in the garage instead of on peoples' shoes and boots.

If you live in a city, you're constantly getting on and off mass transit and going in and out of doors. Since ice cleats will either damage floors or be extremely slippery on hard, smooth surfaces, you have to take the ice cleats off, and then put them back on when you go outside. Most people won't put up with the hassle. You also have to be careful where you step because regular ice cleats can be slippery of sewer grates and utility hole covers.

The same thing is true about driving because you should remove most ice cleats every time you get into your car and put them back on when you get out. But there's a solution.

Fortunately, I have an ice cleat you can wear on most indoor floors and even while you drive. Look at Winter Walking LOW-PRO Ice Cleats because they make wearing ice cleats practical and care-free for a lot of people. They're a little more expensive. However, the added convenience is worth every penny.

What about reviews where people say they wear EASY SPIKE™ Ice Cleats when they go indoors?

I added this question because I have no logical answer. I have even had people tell me that their mail carrier loves his EASY SPIKE™ Ice Cleats because he can wear them on indoor rugs. Here's the bottom line. EASY SPIKE™ has 2mm aggressive carbon steel spikes that

  • will scratch soft floors;
  • are bad for carpets; and
  • are slippery on hard smooth floors.
If you want to go indoors without taking off your ice cleats, get Winter Walking LOW-PRO or Winter Walking ICE BEAST™ LOW-PRO Ice Cleats. Both have Transitional Traction™ using 1mm studs.
Aren't Yaktrax good low-cost ice cleats you can wear indoors?

Yaktrax are extremely popular and they won't damage interior floors. However, Yaktrax

  • are not safe to wear on most indoor floors and you still have to take them off when you go inside because the wound steel coils are extremely slippery on dry smooth surfaces;
  • are very slippery when you step on city hazards like sewer grates, utility hole covers, and when getting on and off mass transit;
  • have durability issues; and
  • lastly, the non-aggressive hand-wound steel coils became far less effective in frigid temperatures when the ice is denser.
Is it safe to drive while wearing EASY SPIKE™ Ice Cleats?
I don't recommend driving with any ice cleats with 2mm studs. Take a look at Winter Walking LOW-PRO, Winter Walking ICE BEAST™ LOW-PRO, Winter Walking LOW-PRO HEEL. or Winter Walking HEEL GRIPS Ice Cleats
"Winter Walking EASY SPIKE™ Ice Cleats give you an affordable way to protect all your employees. That's important because all lost-time accidents negatively impact your business's well-being. And, showing concern for all your employees is a great morale booster because it makes everyone feel appreciated."
Ice Cleat Ankle Straps
Winter Walking Ice Cleats fit securely on most shoes and boots. Most people do not need or use the Ankle Strap. However, Ankle Straps add an additional level of comfort, knowing your ice cleats will stay on your footwear. It's more critical to consider Ankle Straps if you

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