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8 - 9½ 10 - 11½ 39 - 43 M
5 - 7½ 7 -9½ 35 - 38 S


We currently sell Black STABIL GRIPPERS only.



STABIL GRIPPERS shoe attachments instantly improve your traction and reduce slips and falls on wet, greasy, and soapy floors typically found in
  • kitchens;
  • restaurants;
  • cafeterias;
  • food processing;
  • canning;
  • bottling;
  • dairies; and
  • lastly, car and truck washes.

Tread Design

STABIL GRIPPERS patented tread design gives you hundreds of leading edges providing grip in all directions for unsurpassed traction. That's important because the secret to traction on wet surfaces is lots of "leading" edges. Leading edges are those that are perpendicular to the direction of slippage.

The tread is made from a proprietary rubber compound designed for slip resistance.


STABIL GRIPPERS secure on and aligned on your footwear because the straps are thick and extremely durable. The straps are made from a tough, patented Thermo Plastic Elastomer with great stretch memory.

Inner Foot Bed Design

STABIL GRIPPERS also stay positioned properly on your footwear because the inner foot bed is textured to grip the bottom of your shoes.

Easy On / Easy Off

You and your employees waste less time putting them on.

Benefits Include Safety, Comfort and Less Fatigue

STABIL GRIPPERS are extremely light weight. The only thing you'll notice wearing them is that you're even more comfortable and your legs get less fatigued because they add cushioning. Less fatigue leads to

  • better employee morale;
  • increased productivity; and
  • lastly, less mistakes.

Fit a Wide Range of Shoe Sizes

STABIL GRIPPERS come in XL, L, M and S. Each size fits a wide range of shoe sizes and

  • makes it easier to get the size right on the first try, and
  • enables businesses to reduce costs because you can share them between shifts.

Frequently Asked Questions About STABIL GRIPPERS

Do you recommend STABIL GRIPPERS for waxing and stripping floors?
No. They're great for mopping floors. However, I think the small grooves would quickly cake up.
What's the difference between STABIL GRIPPERS, STABILgrippers and STABILgrips?
Nothing is different. They're all the same product. The correct name is STABIL GRIPPERS. The packaging has STABILgrips on the insert.

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